What are the dots? Not staccato....

• Dec 15, 2018 - 05:14

This is from Siegfried by Wagner.

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When I see a staccato, Ive always played it note with a very short, detached attack. A staccato over a half note just doesn't make sense. Online, in a commentary, I found--"a staccato note had a duration of half the length of the written note, so a staccato eighth note was the equivalent of a 16th note followed by a 16th note rest."

According to this thought, all the half notes are to be played quarter notes. Why not just write them as quarter notes in the first place?

I'll have to see how playback in MuseScore sounds. Recordings don't sound like quarter notes. I'll have to put some thought into it and come up with a compromise....

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Fifty-three minutes into Seigfried, I found this section. It isn't staccato in this recording or notation. However, the rule is not to change what the author wrote in the original book. Musescore plays staccato at one/half of the notation. It doesn't sound bad. I'll go with the book and not change anything with a transcriber's note.

Kuwitt--thanks for the lead on IMSLP. What an interesting site!

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