How mask underlying detail?

• Dec 14, 2018 - 21:36

I have a crowded score, and want to add some stave text so that the underlying phrasing line is invisible for the area of the text, but continues either side. Possible? I imagine I need something like setting background opacity for the text element. I can see how to add a frame for a particular text type, but that doesn't achieve what I want.
Or do I have to insert a white image and put my text on top?
Help greatly appreciated!


If I understand correctly, set the background color for the frame and make sure its opacity is at the max. With Windows at least, set the "alpha" field in the color picker to 255.

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Thank you Marc - I was missing the alpha setting.
Unfortunately it's still not quite solving my problem as the frame covers a large area (it seems to work from an area that might include upper case letters, rather than from the actual text), so I'm finding other solutions just by moving things around.

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