"Show empty staves" problem

• Jul 20, 2014 - 14:14

The "Style" menu does not seem to let me make different choices as regards "Show empty staves" for different sections of the piece.
I would like it to generally hide empty staves, but in the beginning it would be useful to show - what kind of voices will be participating in the song.

Also, a problem that is probably connected: the tempo marking at the beginning will be lost with "hide empty staves" because the upper voice does not come in right from the beginning. So every time that I want to do something with that tempo mark, I have to unselect "hide empty staves" and then I get access to the tempo mark/properties.

I am also attaching the file.


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Yes, somewhere I also have a book on the subject, and, if I'm not mistaken, you talked about it here a few times. But it is an uphill climb, definitely for me (Look what I combine here with Google translator).
Considering the music as a universal language, I hope that the translation into Esperanto will be successful.

For the record, the next version of MuseScore will include an additional checkbox to preserve the staves of the first system. Bugs with tempo markings disappearing when the top staff is hidden (not just at the beginning of the score, but also tempo changes elsewhere, and other markings that appear on the top staff only) are also fixed. So the feature should become much more usable.

Thank you for the help!
Those invisible notes seem to be a working solution for the moment, I think I will use one of the modified files.

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