Bend symbol displaying badly in palette

• Dec 13, 2018 - 18:22
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See between up bow and bend:


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Title weird sign in articulations palette Bend symbol displaying badly in palette
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That should be the guitar bend. Looks fine for me, though. Are you using a custom workspace? Could you switch to Advanced and check again if so? if you add the element to a note, does it look better (should be an upward curved arrow with the word "full" in small print).

Your right it's the bend symbol. The same appearance by adding it to a score by using the advanced workspace. It's also reproducible with the last beta, but not with the beta before:


For me it's still active with OS: openSUSE Leap 15.0, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 9549474.

Maybe a Linux issue? Wonder if someone other can confirm it.

Thet text is "full" but in a different font than it should be, could be due to a wrong version of Bravura (Text) being installed?
On Windoes those fonts are built in, not so on Linux IIRC

I can't remember, that I ever did install a Bravura (text) font. Some weeks ago I installed the Bravura (music symbol) font (for using it with other applications), but removing it doesn't (as expected) solve this issue.

Above it looks fine with MuseScore 2.x (as both: distribution package and AppImage).

So I don't have any clue to resolve this issue. Is there a different handle with fonts between MuseScore 2.x and 3.0?

As mentioned with MuseScore 2.x it looks correct:


I found a community package of 3.0, but the result is as same wrong as with the AppImage (as shown in the screenshots above). Yes, installing MuseScore with Linux also installs a separately "MuseScore fonts" package. I don't know, if and where these fonts made available, but maybe this contains a wrong version of Bravura (text) for 3.0?

Found a development build (from December 2017), where it looks in the right way (f59ca31). So it really seems to be caused by a change inside the source.

Still the same appearance with AppImage revision: 96c1f7b. Wonder if someone can confirm it for the AppImage. If so, it should be fixed before the final release.

Yes there seems to to be a reason, with AppImage revision: af128b5 and later (and maybe a little bit before) "Adobe Courier" 8pt is using for the bend symbol text and produces this bad appearance.

AppImage revision: cca24ff and before were using "Free Serif" 8pt by default.

With the actual version it's possible to change the text properties inside the score to "Free Serif", but not for the palette item or inside the master palette. Above placing the customized bend symbol from the score in a custom workspace resets the font settings (so there isn't really a workaround).

Note: And yes "Adobe Courier" is the first given font inside the font list here.

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To summarize: I can confirm this issue with the actual AppImage of the release (revision: 95066ba) and an actual distribution package for OpenSuse (revision: 3543170). It seems to be a Linux issue and (maybe?) I suppose, that's related with the order of the font face, so that it doesn't display correct inside the palette and master palette.

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confirm also in Musescore release 3.0.2 the bend symbol in Articulation palette is still wrong appearing.
As workaround, I tried to change the used font in the Inspector (after selecting the bend in the score) and it works…
I found that the original used font was the strange "ABSALOM"...
I hope this is solved in next release.

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Yes, correct: "ABSALOM" is the first font in the list of my system's font.
Moreover, I noticed that the bend symbol pre-defined font type (in Format> Style> Bend, and also in Text style> Bend) is "FreeSerif", but even when I try to set it in the Inspector using the reset from the style, the Inspector keeps the strange font type instead…

Had the problem on all 3.x Manjaro Linux installs. I did some tests on the app images.
2.2.1 and 2.3.2 are fine and use the specified font, in palette & score.
3.0.0, 3.0.5, and yesterday's 3.1.0 nightly (64d7004) all ignore the style's "Bend" font and instead use the first in the list (For me: "Andale Mono"; previously "Akruti Mal" until I uninstalled that). The font is also displayed in the inspector, in black.
It's also curious that for "Font face", the "Reset to style default" is clickable, but never does anything, regardless of selected font. There is also no "Set as Style" button. [Attached Screenshot, with unedited bending selected (left), and the supposed default "FreeSerif" manually chosen (right)]

Digging a bit deeper, the style's font size & style (bold, italic, underline) work fine in all tested versions, whereas color is ignored. XY offset & align are also ignored; and in 3.x they don't even get saved (i.e. after modifying a value, closing & reopening shows the old default again.).
For 3.x: Style line thickness works fine. The settings shared between the "Style > Bend" and "Style > Text Styles > Bend" dialogs keep in sync.
In table form (double-checked 3.1.0 & 2.3.2, rest should also be accurate):

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Reported version 3.0 3.1

OS: Windows 7 SP 1 (6.1), Arch.: i386, MuseScore version (32-bit):, revision: e26f7c4

Same problem here. The Bend icon is being set to the first font in alphabetical order and assumes the same appearance when applied to the score. Even if the font is corrected and saved to the palette again, the font will revert to the first in alphabetical order.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 8f5c957184

_fix #279964: bend font not connected to style

The bend symbol displays in the palette using
a "random" (first in alphabetical order) font.
This is simply because the bendStyle fails to set up
the association between Sid::bendFontFace and Pid::FONT_FACE.
It seems this line was inadvertently removed
when we made the change to merge italic/bold/underline into style._

Fix version