Musescore 3 doesn't run without -s

• Dec 13, 2018 - 08:12
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After I open Musescore 3, there's a splash screen just like Musescore 2. But, after the splash screen, nothing happened, it doesn't run. Even I reinstall the program, still doesn't fix itself.


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more infos needed: what OS? What MuseScore 3 exactly, which Beta or development build? Can you try using the commandline options -s (disable sound) and -w (disable web access)?

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I need to learn to read slower sometimes.

To find the command line press the windows button and R at the same time. This will open the command line. Browse (using the "Browse..." button) to the MuseScore 3/bin directory under Program Files (x86) then type musescore3 -s, or replace the "s" with other letters suggested to see if it will run. Don't select musescore3.exe, or it will run without the -s.

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OK, so it works with -s, but then, of course, without sound (see [#280201])
Seems there is some incompatibility between MuseScore (3) and your sound system?
Then again I understood you also have MuseScore 2 installed, and assume that works including sound, does it?

Have you tried -F instead of -s, once?

I'd start by seeing if there is anything in the Handbook under "Known incompatibilities" that rings a bell. Also try updating all sound-related device drivers.

Could it be related to MuseScore 2 being 32bit and MuseScore 3 being 64bit, and the Sound drivers not talking 64bit? IIRC at one point we had the opposite being an issue?

I found a solution how to run Musescore 3. I have this problem too, but if you want to open Musescore 3 and work with this software, you should open one .mscz file (if you have in your PC one, or download it) and Musescore 3 will work !
I can't open it normally, but if I open one .mscz file, all works.
I hope this information was useful for you.