Swell notation?

• Dec 12, 2018 - 03:03

You have a whole note, you want a crescendo decrescendo. MS makes this very hard to do, as hairpins are dependent on note changes. I got all excited when I saw an articulation called a 'volume swell' in MS 3 that looked like opposing hairpins that you could attach to a note... very disappointed when I saw they were small.

Given that we can't actually use the expression CC to do a swell for real in musescore... can we have an articulation or line that is actually opposing hairpins? It would solve at lot of problems.


This makes total sense. FWIW, when I need this, I normally use an invisible voice. You can create one measure set up this way then just copy and paste it where you need.

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Can you please give the details of how you do this? I also think that having a swell would be just swell, but in the meantime, I don't really understand what the original question suggested or what you mean about how to use an invisible voice to achieve it. Thanks very much for you help! I'm really enjoying using MuseScore. Been doing music for many years, but just now really digging in to using a scoring program.

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