MDL & drumline extension for Musescore 3?

• Dec 11, 2018 - 21:57

Is the drumline and MDL stuff for percussion available for musescore 3?



I know of a report from one user stating that the score he created in 2.x with MDL reverted to default soundfont settings in the beta of MS3.
But you can install the extension in MS3 via its Resource Manager and the templates do show up (and from a very brief note entry test seem to work as well).

It would be greatly appreciated if you're willing to test this using the latest beta release of MS3 and report any issues you find, so they can still get fixed before the final release.

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I might just be doing a dumb, but notation options in the musescore drumeline extension seem to be taken out? I can't find any of the front ensemble options in the pallet for instance. Is there a reason why? I know that the extension was created for 2.3, so I know maybe not everything will work, but I'm holding on to a bit of hope. When importing scores from 2.3, the front ensemble notations are still there, and function properly, so I guess they are somewhere.

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