Musescore 3 bugs

• Dec 11, 2018 - 21:01

When ever I try to put a crescendo on a specific note, it puts the line on the first instrument in the score. Instead I have to selects the whole measure, and then place the line, but it glitches out when I try to shorten it, and it looks way to dark. Like more than one line. Measure 18, timpani and piccolo part.

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MCU (P2).mscz 19.36 KB


I see what you mean. There are fortunately other ways to insert a cresc. line which does work.

I suspect you tried to select the note and double click the palette icon? You can also drag the palette icon so that the dark red dotted line is just to the left of the first note in the timpani in m. 18 and the red dot attached to it is on the top line of the timpani staff. That should do what you want.

Alternatively you can click on the first note in m. 18, hold Shift, click on the last note in m.18 and then type the "<" sign. Don't try to double click from the palette, it seems glitchy. I will report it in the issue tracker.

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