Put Hairpin above Text Line Core in Inspector

• Dec 10, 2018 - 23:00
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P2 - Medium
Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

Just put down a hairpin in the new nightly, went to the inspector.. and saw a bunch of inapplicable text line things before I could adjust the dynamic change. Had to scroll down to access velocity change field.

Thank you for allowing continuing text in text line to be edited, but the hairpin needs to be above the text line core in inspector - the most common reason to access hairpen/cresc./dim line in inspector is to change velocity, that field needs to be accessible and obvious without any scrolling.

Edit: version 8e453c3
Edit: still a thing in 4d6208f


Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion
Priority P2 - Medium

So far the general practice is to list things from the more general to the more specific. Not sure it's a good idea to deviate from that. But it's worth thinking about the strategy. BTW, for you adjusting velocity might be most common, for me I adjust line properties far more often. But the velocity is indeed pretty well hidden now.

Frequency Once Few

I agree. Velocity gets changed a lot more than the line info in hairpins, but in non dynamics lines, there is no hairpin like the line that resembles VI------|. I suspect the order is so the window doesn't have to be reinvented every time the inspector is created for a different line.

This seems more of a suggestion that I agree with to fix a design decision rather than any kind of bug.

With line properties, there's a fairly easy way to deal with them - I save cresc./dim lines in the palette. You can see the changes done, so it's very easy to grab what you want, having only dealt with the inspector once for each label of line (molto cresc, poco a poco, morendo, etc). Velocity isn't visual. If you store a hairpin with a 20 velocity delta, theres no way to distinguish from a 60 velocity delta. Using the palette is out, using the inspector and a lot of copypaste is the game there.

Also, hairpins don't have text lines. There are some very special cases it could be useful, but you are almost never going to touch the text line editor with a hairpin. So this change - it wasn't like this before - knocks a very commonly used variable out of sight in favor of a set of parameters most people are never going to touch.

I would suggest that either hairpins get a seperate inspector, or that user experience is valued over layout guidelines.
Or maybe - it looks like Text Line Core collapses? Can it be default set to collapsed for hairpins? General style doesn't have that as an option, but there's plenty of room.