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• Dec 10, 2018 - 11:58
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So, I took the advice and went through instruments.xml
Thing is, a LOT of the instruments I said should be in/on orchestra list and weren't were indeed marked orchestra after channel in instruments.xml.

So... what else determines what populates the list? One of the cpp files isn't doing it's job. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, Baritone Oboe. Baritone Oboe is never called Baritone Oboe. It's Bass Oboe. Bass Oboe I recognize in a heartbeat, Baritone Oboe I had to google to discover it's an uncommon way to say Bass Oboe. I want to change it, but I'm not sure what calls on Instrument id, and as this is a huge multi-file sort of deal, I don't think find+replace alone is up to the job.

Thanks for the help, I'm sort of regulated to the realm of stupid questions while trying do minor things for a bit.


Which instruments in instruments.xml are tagged as <genre>orchestra</genre> and do not show in the Instruments dialog when "Orchestra" is selected?

For changing Baritone Oboe to Bass Oboe you'd need to change it in instruments.xml, lines 1039-1041 and also in instrumentxml.h, line 145 and 146 (or let that python script update it for you)

But rather than replacing it, I'd add it, so that both are available (with otherwise identical settings). Seems to indeed be the same instrument, but depending on language/country one or the other names is more common

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You start on the master, but have to switch to 3.0Beta2 to get anything that's been worked on in two years or so.

Anyway, python is throwing syntax errors at - apparently it was written in python 2, and python 3 requires parenthesis for it's print function. I could update it, but again, not sure if it'll break something. Is everyone running off of py 2?

Master is more up to date that 3.0Beta2. You need to go from there and there only. Although in this particular case it should not make a difference, with one minor exception in instrumental.h
I don't know anything about that python script, I never got it to work for me, on Windows, but Anatoly just used it the other day (hence that minor difference mentioned above)

Figures, lol. Alright, so fundamental problem will probably fix the seemingly easy problem
This is my git view:
See how master is two years old?
There's an upstream/master that is minutes old, but I can't switch to it because of duplicate names
I have no idea how to solve this. I've tried deleting the repository and recloning, same issue, same weird old master branch.

My command for that: git pull --rebase musescore master (and yes, there are thing that GitHub Desktop doesn't do and requires shell activity)

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I'm no git expert and have never been able to figure out the GUI interfaces - the command line works better for me, and it's easy to find help online.

So, I can't say what is going on from the picture, but I can say that is perfectly normal for one's "origin" master to be old if you haven't updated it recently, but "upstream" master should always be current, and the local master should always match that if you're following the process.

Sorry I can't offer more help, but really, I just wanted to thank you for your first contribution and welcome you!