Composer and lyricist text box size

• Dec 10, 2018 - 11:40
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S3 - Major

The text box attributed to the composer or lyricist is larger than the text typed which leads to a shift of the text and also to an oversized box when a square around the text.

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I understand the box is larger than the current text, I don't understand the "shift in positions"? For me it's a ncie effect not to have the box too small and I don't see any bad results from it. Your screenshot appears to show extra spaces after the composer name, though - are you saying those aren't really there? And this causes the right-alignment to be off? I can't reproduce that.

So, yes I am saying that all the extra space after are not really there. And this also appears for the other inserted text field when I create a new score. I added the boxes around simply to show the spaces added after my text. As you can see it is also there for the Title, Subtitle, Composer, and Lyricist. I tried to remove them but I was not able to do so. When I try to edit the text the cursor is also shifted, by 1 character for the title and the subtitle, by 2 characters for the lyricist and by 3 characters for the composer.
I am running Musescore 3 on a Windows 10 laptop.

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Type Graphical (UI) Functional

Hmm, something is definitely very off on your system, but I can't tell what. When you say t5he cursor is displaced, you mean visually it appears between, say, the "e" and "s" of "Test" in the title, but when you type, the letters appear somewhere else?

This all works normally for me, and no one else has reported anything like this that I can recall. Can you think of anything unique about your system that might explain this?

Status needs info active
Type Functional Graphical (UI)

So the issue did not disappear completely, but it only happens on my laptop external monitor which is the extended screen. And that is why I only realized that today because usually I only use Musescore on my main laptop screen. It is therefore not a major issue, as soon as I move the Musecore windows to the other screen the text boxes are fine. I checked on my Musescore 2.3.2 if it has the same issue, but it is not the case. I cannot tell you more about it, but it seems really minor and it could be related to the video drivers.

Type Graphical (UI) Functional
Priority P1 - High

Interesting! Do you see other oddness that might result from monitor resolution being detected wrong - bad sizes for text or icons in the menus / dialogs / palettes, score at 100% magnification not appearing life size, etc?

If the text appears wrongly aligned in the score, not just within the edit box while typing, then I'd consider this a "functional" bug, not just UI, so that's why I have the "Type" field set that way.