Writing a Bell Part

• Dec 8, 2018 - 16:46

OK well I'm working away and the stuff that is coming out of me is actually symphonic, so I'm writing pieces for instruments I've never even thought of before.

I've been trying to add just a few bell notes to my piece and it's been very tough. When MS adds the bell part it's on a percussion line. Aren't bells written on a regular staff line?

I've been trying to put in a few parts but can't seem to get MS to put in the notes. I've been watching the introduction videos and trying to add in a half note to the bar but MS isn't having it.



Do you mean TUBULAR BELLS (aka Chimes) ? If so, they are written on treble clef, the range C4 to F 5 (some G5) and sound an octave higher.
Orchestral Bells (aka Glockenspiel)? written on treble clef (usually F3-C6) sounding 2 octaves higher.

I've had no problem scoring for both (V2.3.2) Perhaps you are referring to another type of "bell"?

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Well there you go. I'm probably trying to write for the wrong instrument.

Yes I do mean the Tubular bells. When I was scanning the percussion choices a few weeks ago I thought that I had picked this. When it appeared in my score it was written on the percussion line.

I just switched it to CHIMES and there's the treble clef.

I think I'm good to go now

Thank you both Raymond and Vodka.

PS I find people on the MS boar very kind and helpful!

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