Is it possible to assign a certain sound to a notehead?

• Dec 7, 2018 - 18:17

I am trying to create my own drumline based off of the parts and notation that my band uses. I have edited the MDL drumline so that all of the notesheads are the same as what my band uses. I ran into an issue however, when I added a 4th cymbal part. I assigned a certain pitch to it, but I could not figure out how to assign a sound, so the note is silent when I use playback. I know it's not the biggest issue in the world, as long as it's still notated correctly, but it does help if I can hear how the part sounds. TIA!


Yep. When you are entering in notes for a drum, there should be a window that opens up on the bottom. look down and to your left, edit drumset. click that.

It'll bring up the list of every drum noise you've got and what pitch it's at. It will let change the appearance of noteheads, the line of the drum staff the note appears on, shortcuts used to type the note, voice, orientation. Basically everything.

Anyway, find the cymbal sounds, make it look like how you want, and happy writing. These parts are on separate staffs, right? If they're on the same staff, you might have problems - I'm not convinced we have that many cymbal sounds.

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thanks for the reply!

My problem is not so much changing noteheads; I've got that much figured out. My problem occurs when I created another cymbal. While I was able to get the notehead changed to what I wanted when I created the cymbal, I don't get any sound from that note when I try to play it in musescore. The different cymbal parts are on different parts of the staff (F,A,C,E, if it makes any difference). I am really just looking for some sound to come out of the new cymbal part.

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We might be talking past each other here, in which case, post scores or take screenshots, but...


I pulled out marching percussion, there's a lot of different drumsets.

So. If you're looking for any kind of a noise, what you need to do is get to this screen. On your left are the 'pitches' the drum sound is located at. in the middle are the shortcuts used to get to the sound, to the right the name. So what you need to do is to pick four sounds from the list, assign them to FACE(see the pic of the note, there's a control for what line it's on), call them cymbals in your score, and carry on. If this is the sound set you are using, there aren't four separate cymbal sounds, so you can't get correct playback if you put them all on one staff.

You can make more than one staff, then have the same sound playing different parts.

Sum-up: With drumsets, you have sounds, and then you assign a staff position for each sound. If one of your parts isn't playing, it's because you don't have a sound assigned to it.

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If you want the exact same sound for a drum part, it's got to be on a different staff.

If you're doing it more for notation than playback, just put some other sound there. If you're doing it more for playback, separate staves. If you mess with soundfonts or the mixer, you might be able to find a drumset with four crashing sounds. However, if you want other cymbal effects.... you're gonna need a separate staff.

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