Inserting triplets from piano keyboard/real-time note input produces corrupted file

• Dec 7, 2018 - 11:39

This refers to Musescore 2.2.1: (EDIT: refers partially to ver. 2.3.2 as well)
1. create new file, 4/4 meter.
2. press p (activate piano keyboard)
2. click on the first whole note rest.
3. start real-time note input
4. press 5 (quarter note)
6. press ctrl-3 (triplet)
7. press arbitrary three notes on the piano keyboard
repeat 4-7 for next three beats
The last triplet eight in the bar is converted into a arbitrary combination of 32th, 64th and 128th notes and rests which do not add up to an 8th (see second measure in the attached file).
Corruption persists after deleting the last triplet (see first measure in the attached file)

Remedy is to select the whole corrupted measure, delete all notes and start inserting notes by normal note input using the computer keyboard.

Further clarification after some more experimentation with 2.3.2
The bug arises every time when the
(1) last beat in the measure is a triplet
(2) the last 8th in that triplet is filled-in in real time mode (either manual or automatic)

If one deletes the corrupted triplet and enters it again in step-time note input (either through piano/midi keyb. or computer keyb.), the problem goes away.

Obviously, in real time mode Musescore is doing some automated operations after finishing the measure and these fail if the measure ends with a triplet.

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