Trill line with accidental

• Dec 7, 2018 - 08:30

In page 86 of the User's manual, considering "Extended ornament lines", we find that:
To add an accidental to an extended ornament, such as a trill line, select the line and double-click a symbol from the Accidentals palette.
By doing so, we get the symbol of the accidental over the e.g. trill line, and that's O.K.
Yet, the accidental is not really played-back. If we have a trill of "do-re-do-re-do-re" with a flat (♭) above it, we still hear a natural re (♮).
Is there something we can do about this?
Thank you


MS3 has this fixed. Try the beta. Or, currently better, try the nightlies.

I wouldn't try the nightlies after MS3 is released. But for now, they're pretty stable.

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Hi! I find that this works, but the accidental is only visually rendered if I: change the focus to another program--such as my browser to report this problem--and then return to MS; or if I save the score (which, of course, is never a bad thing to do, but still: it's a little disconcerting to do something and expect a visual result and then not see that result--it makes one think one is doing something wrong and/or want to report a bug). :-)

Also: is there a "by-design" reason why this works with the line trill, but (seems) not (to work with) the ornament trill?


OS: macOS 10.14, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: d2d863f

Here's a workaround that I found out myself-

  1. Half the time of the note you were playing. (For example the note you want to trill is a quarter note, so that becomes an eighth note.)
  2. Put the the note you want the trill to go up to. (For example "do-re-do-re" so put a flatted "re" beside the "do")
  3. Go to "tremolos" and click on the "32nd between notes" option (or whichever you think is more suitable)
  4. Make the flatted "re" and the tremolo invisible (v) but don't make the accidental invisible.
  5. Click "View" on the top left of your screen and select "Inspect"
  6. Select the flat and tick the "Small" box.
  7. Select "do", go to "lines" and click on the "Trill line" option.
  8. Double click the small flat and use the up down left right arrows to move it above "do".

It might look a little weird but that's fine.
Hope this helped.

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