How to write a "Sizz-Suck" for marching Cymbals

• Dec 7, 2018 - 03:56

Just downloaded Musescore and the drumline add on, but was having trouble finding any sort of notation for a sizz-suck (aka slide-choke or chi-up), where the top cymbal is slid out before being pulled (sucked) back in. Just wondering if Musescore has an option for this, as it's a pretty common way to play marching cymbals.

While I'm here, is there any way to add a 4th cymbal to the cymbal section? musescore only has 3, but my band has 4 parts.


Second question, hit I for Instruments, find a cymbal, add it to score. First, uh...

You can change noteheads, click on a note, look to your right. That's the inspector. It should have some head group/head type things in there, that'll have noteheads.

For more than that, I'd first go to your palette, look at the bottom, make sure it says advanced instead of basic, and hit the plus button. Workspaces save when you close the program. Go to the articulations palette, open it. Right click the title 'articulations'. Check enable editing.

Now hit Z. This is the master palette. Everything, and I mean everything is in here. From the list to your left, click on symbols. Start scrolling. They've got pictograms you might want, but you are specifically looking for the Ps for Percussion. Choke is next to the normal position. Hold down ctrl and shift, click and drag what you want to the articulation palette.

Now you don't have to go deep diving in the master every time.

Another way to do the Sizz-Suck is to write two sizzle notes right after each other and put a staccato on the second one. This sounds correct on playback but may not be as clear to a player.

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