Concerned about loss of accessibility in 3.0

• Dec 6, 2018 - 23:31

In the summary of changed/new features in v3.0 (which as a document is a welcome step towards bringing the Handbook up to date), I see the procedure for splitting measures has changed:

To split a measure before a given note, simply insert a barline from the palette at that point while holding Ctrl. For example, you can select the note, and Ctrl+double-click the barline in the palette, or Ctrl+drag the barline to the note. This replaces the command Edit / Measure / Split Measure Before Selected Note from previous versions.

While the new procedure may be easier or more intuitive for many users, it means that a function that was accessible in v2 has become inaccessible in v3 for physically disabled users like me who cannot perform keyboard and mouse actions at the same time. If in fact the old method still works (and can still be associated with a keyboard shortcut), then I'm only asking for an update to the draft v3 documentation. But if the new procedure replaces the old, please consider restoring the latter in v3.

This is simply a matter of respecting MuseScore's own Design Principles for Accessibility. In fact there are a number of operations in v2 that require simultaneous use of the keyboard and the mouse, and it would be a nice step forward if these were addressed in v3. (I would be happy to compile a list and recommend solutions.) But at the very least, let's be careful to avoid a step backwards!


In edit(MuseScore on Mac)->Preferences->Shortcuts, you can define a shortcut. I searched the word split to find the command and ctrl+shift+s is free in the default shortcuts list. It worked fine at first glance.

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Thank you for checking, I'm glad to learn I can still define a shortcut for this command, which I use fairly often. I haven't ventured to install v3 yet but will get there soon, at which point I can check this sort of thing myself and possibly contribute to bringing the handbook up to date.

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Accessibility is very important to several people involved in MuseScore although I am only a single voice who does not contribute code. Having said that, please check out the second beta when it gets released in the next 24 hours and let us know if there is anything you can no longer do. If there is an accidental change, I have no doubt it will be fixed and I will not hesitate to speak in your support as needed.

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Thanks Marc, it turns out that my specific concern stemmed from the wording of the "New Features" description rather than the actual removal of any functionality from the program. Meanwhile the description has been edited for clarity, and all's well.

I look forward to exploring the latest beta, although most of my time with MuseScore these days is spent on plugin development, which keeps me in 2.3.2.

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