MIDI channel selection

• Dec 4, 2018 - 21:05

I need to change the MIDI channel for drums (my Yamaha keyboard uses channel 16, not 10). I have investigated in internet and I see that there was a way to assign channels (http://igevorse.lited.net/), but this option is not available in the last version (2.3.2 for Windows). I read that this option could be assigned in Preferences->View (non existent tab) or Preferences->I/O (no option to enable MIDI channel selection), so I imagine that the channel assignment was removed... why?
Channel assignment available as a staff property, as in the mixer, is ok - it should be saved as knob positions are saved.
Another possibility would be to assign channels as stave property - the same channel could be assigned to more than one stave, but I think that this option could make MIDI reproduction problematic.


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