Plugin doesn't work in Musescore 3 Beta.

• Dec 4, 2018 - 01:41

If you remember, I asked for a version of the lasconic-shape_notes plugin that would work without the newer OpenGL version. Well, the plugin that you gave me doesn't work in Musescore 3. First it said that Musescore 1.0 wasn't installed (it was calling for it at the beginning of the file) so I changed that to version 3.0 and it went past that. But then it threw another code that said "startCmd" in line 108 wasn't a valid command. (see attachment.) I have no idea how to fix this so if you could offer some advice I'd greatly appreciate it.

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All plugins are currently broke in version 3 beta. I have my doubts they will be fixed before the final 3.0 release. The good news is that new releases are expected far more often than previous versions after 3.0 is released, I've heard monthly.

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If you want to use plugins, your best bet for now is to stick with 2.3.2.

Judging e.g. from this page, existing plugins will need rewriting (more than just replacing a couple of lines) to conform to changes in plugin syntax that come with 3.0 -- unless some kind of auto-conversion function is planned, which I wouldn't expect...

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