hubs suck

• Dec 3, 2018 - 23:06

New things just for the sake of beeing new?

The interface keeps on getting worse. It terribly sucks. Want to find something quick and easy? Yes?
Aww ... had to be here a couple of month ago. Today everything is splintered into "modern" hubs... so you CAN FIND IT MORE EASILY!!
... oh wait ...

It terribly sucks! Who is responsible for this "newish" s"=%) ?!

DO I HAVE to click arround in empty subfolders for anyway (most of the time) crappy content/ scores?


Before that I just typed in: "what I was locking for" , and I was shown every instance according to my wish.
I then chose: 1,2,3, 4, 5 instruments, saw the instrumentation and everything was fine, BUT NO! NOW they need cool "childish" icons to make things easier for little kiddies.

Things are getting worse and I keep on looking more and more seldom for scores here because of the pure chaos due to pure "mimimi we need to be cutting edge" ...

I DON´T WANT TO "click away" the "F"§)ng You are in the childs place hub" , to properly see all instrumentations AND if done so, reenter what I was looking for, just because "leaving the recomended "wtf" - "we know what you want" hub, deletes the term I was looking for...

Normally I´m not often raging, but encountering the 10th time out of 10 searches this completly needless "improvemnt for the worse" (disguised in neat little icons ... aww !!! ) simply sucks!

You want apeths here? Keep on "improving" your visual appearance!


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