Auto-place doesn't ignore horizontal invisible elements

• Dec 2, 2018 - 00:05
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I thought the issue was already created or solved, or something, sorry.

Auto place doesn't ignore invisible notes (3rd voice, trill is knocked way up high by invisible note, first link) or invisible dynamics - second link is a pic of a hairpin adjusting to an invisible ff.

There's probably more. Auto-place should ignore everything with the visible flag off.


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Title Auto-place doesn't ignore invisible elements Auto-place doesn't ignore horizontal invisible elements
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That doesn't cover the problem with hairpins reacting to invisible dynamics.

To copy and paste Marc's comment from that second thread:

That fix doesn't affect this particular issue. The "skyline" is about the height of staves, how high things need to be moved above or below to clear other things. So, for instance, put a staff text and a rehearsal mark on the same beat, the rehearsla mark jumps above hide the staff text, the rehearsal mark now jumps back down - that's what that fix was about. Horizontal placement of elements is different, and unfortunately that change didn't affect this. A different issue would need to be submitted.

BTW, workaround could be to uncheck "Automatic placement" for the hairpin, although in some cases you might want it for other reasons (eg, to avoid the dynamic afterwards).

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I'm marking this P1 for now. The workaround should be to turn off autoplacement for the dynamic, and that might even be considered good enough. But this doesn't actually work, and having to turn it off for the hairpin itself is not right.

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Having this issue in Musescore 3.6. Turning off auto-place isn't an option for me since I need it for Voice 1, but not with Voice 3.

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Reported version 3.6 3.0

That'd be a new/different issue then. This one here got fixed prior to 3.0's release, please let it R.I.P.