Does MS3 support Tacet sections?

• Dec 1, 2018 - 23:17

For a not-at-all hypothetical, I need to make parts for Dvorak symphony 8. Low brass only play on the first and fourth movement, II and III are tacet - is there any way for the part to not show a bunch of empty measures for II and III, but instead say tacet?

There are also situations where parts will say tacet al fine, and have an unnumbered multimeasure rest.

Is there any way of doing this?


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I think what you're suggesting would be unworkable dealing with parts generated from a large score, which is what I'm doing. I'm writing down the score, generating parts from that, editing them and then handing them out.

I don't think staff text could render an entire two movements of rest invisible.

Have you think to use in the INSPECTOR, for these notes the button "Lecture" in french . In the INSPECTOR you have the last part for NOTE with the 2nd button "LECTURE" in French MS, if you enable this button the note is visible but not played , so TACET

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It's not that I have notes I don't want played. It's that I have two sections of music, several hundred bars each, that four parts don't play in at all, just empty measure after empty measure.

The usual/standard/normal solution to this is to replace all those empty bars with 'tacet' for that section. Or if it's silence to the end, 'tacet al fine'.

This page explains it:…

Specifically, I want something like this: tacet-10-768x321.png

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If you create a Part score for the instrument, the empty bars will not show as bar-after-bar but it becomes like: |---- 20 -----| which means there are 20 empty bars. Isn't that what you want? In the full score, this has no effect and it shows all empty bars, but I will normally change the stave property "Hide when empty" from Auto to Always to hide the empty parts.

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