Augmentation/Diminution features

• Nov 28, 2018 - 22:19
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Musescore 3 should have augmentation and diminution features, definitely as factors of two (halve/double) but also it would be useful to be able to like make triplets into 12/8 or something of the like.


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No, that's not what i was talking about, this only works on one note. Augmentation and diminution refer to talking whole passages and halving or doubling all of the note values (therefore halving or doubling the duration of the passage).

OK, then have a look at the doubletime/halftime plugins for MuseScore 2.x (and their better variants floating about in some forum posts.
But yes, having this as an internal function in MuseScore would be better.

FWIW, I have long considered it might be very simple to implement something like this as an adjunct to copy/paste. Like new "paste double" and "paste half" commands (or a single "paste special..." with a dialog box). And when I say simple, I mean, possibly could be done in an afternoon. Main question to me is whether this would be a reasonable use model. I do like the simplicity of it, though.

The best part of this is that it works with tuplets, which is no true of the current (v2) plugins.

Start with a dialog box that starts with radio buttons for Double durations and Half durations an OK button and a Cancel button. If someone comes up with another good idea for paste special it wouldn't be too difficult to add other options later, once the code is written. From what I've seen the normal shortcut is ctrl+shift+v. I'll have to change one of my personal shortcuts, but that's fine with me.

The other obvious option for paste special would be to preserve time signatures, barlines, etc, but that's a lot more work - that information isn't even copied.

Anyhow, I'll start another forum thread to collect feedback.

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While awaiting this to be merged, you can access the most recent Windows build from this PR via…

This PR implements the algorithm shown above and provides access to it via two main commands: "Paste Half Duration" (Ctrl+Shift+Q) and "Paste Double Duration" (Ctrl+Shift+W), both found in the Edit menu. The names and shortcuts correspond to the existing commands for changing duration of a single note or rest. There is also a "Paste Special" command that is not exposed yet except through the ability to set a shortcut for it. This command uses the note input toolbar to select a duration: whatever duration is selected on the note input toolbr when you issue the command, the durations are scaled accordingly from the quarter note. So, with eighth note selected, it's the same as "Paste Half Duration", and half note is the same as "Paste Double". But you can have fun selected the thirty-second note or dotted whole or whatever ratio you like. Doesn't yet convert to/from tuplets which would be nice someday. At some point we would presumably switch to a dialog box rather than piggy-backing on the duration toolbar, but I figure no hurry on that that, let's see if we end up finding other things to put there.

Actually, it has to be 3.1 or newer :-). But indeed, you don't do need to install anything else special, just have the current version and use the command in the Edit menu.

Sorry, maybe I did something wrong, but are the tempo markings supposed to change as well?

If I wrote

" [quarter note symbol] = 60 " in one bar,

then copy that bar and Paste Double Duration into another bar, should it convert the tempo marking into

" [half note symbol] = 60 "


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