Chord Symbols not mapping from score to parts consistently

• Nov 28, 2018 - 20:12
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When entering (CMD-K) chord symbols on the piano part in score view the symbols will appear, but sometimes will appear on the prior page(1) as I enter the text on page(2). The position on the page is correct, just on the wrong page. See screen image.

When I switch to the piano-part view some of the chord symbols are missing. Usually the ones that displayed wrong on the score. See score attached.

OS: macOS 10.14, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 7694abc

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Confirmed on both counts:

1) Attempting to add a chord symbol on page 2 of this (or any!) score makes it actually appear on page 1, while typing anyhow. You see an empty box and cursor while typing, and the text starts appearing on the page 1. When entry is complete, the chord then appears correctly on page 2. This much is not random, seems completely reproducible.

2) There are indeed missing chords on the piano part of this score - very first measure, for example. Not sure why or how to reproduce this. Presumably the score was imported from MuseScore 2 as it also has the telltale extra clefs.

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Yes - it was imported from MuseScore 2.3.2. I went to 3 Beta to get midi-chord entry working again. Do you think starting from an empty score in 3-beta would be more reliable? I'll be doing a quick lead-sheet today and will do that from scratch but that may not trigger the score-related chord text edge-cases since its a one-pager.

It's definitely more reliably in general creating scores from scratch in MuseScore 3, and even copy/paste from an imported score to a newly created one improves some thing. But the first issue you mentioned will still exist. I did test by just adding a page break half way through the default empty score and saw the exact same bad behavior.

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So the workaround is to recreate the parts in 3.0-beta.
If I'm recreating and saving I can't reproduce it, so I assume it to be an import problem. I personally can't recreate this using 2.3.2.
Can you please attach the 2.3-score from which you imported it?
The problem is that the Harmony tag looks like that


So it has no information and thus doesn't show in the part.

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I believe this to be fixed, at least for newly created or newly imported scores (scores previously imported from 2.x or created from scratch using older builds might have the problem and need regeneration of parts).

If someone can recreate in new or newly imported score, please give details.