Changing horizontal offset of notes causes measures to widen in version 3

• Nov 27, 2018 - 17:17
Reported version
P2 - Medium
S5 - Suggestion

I'm marking this as a suggestion because it is currently by design. Someone from the MuseScore team might want to make it a bug report.

In version 2, since grace notes after did not play, I would use grace notes before and move them, using the chord horizontal offset in the inpsector, to the previous measure to get them to play better and look correct.

In version 3, if you move a grace note to the left, the measure is expanded to make room for the moved note. I really don't think the is what is expected by users and suggest that when moving grace notes, the measure should not be expanded.

Until grace note after playback is corrected, there is no acceptable workaround for this. I don't consider creating an invisible staff and silencing the notes on the original staff to be acceptable since it affects the overall score layout.


I would also say, though, that if you are perceiving a problem with grace note after playback, you should file that as a separate issue. Same if you are seeing some sort of layout effect from invisible staves.

Invisible staves affect the layout, though they probably shouldn't in version 2.x, I really haven't tested this in version 3. The grace notes after not playing is a long known problem in version 2 and this issue isn't about that. The real problem is that I imported a file with the grace notes moved in version 2 to look right, when it's imported to version 3 the measure is widened to keep the grace notes in their original measure. This, I realize is a workaround, but the results are different in version 3 than version 2 and it causes layout problems when imported.

As a rule, I don't think every workaround needs to be accommodated in newer versions because there are some that don't make sense in the first place. This is a change that I think should be reconsidered or I'll just have to find another way. This is not major to me.