Tied notes play singularly

• Nov 26, 2018 - 15:40

Is there a setting to play tied notes continuously because I have written a score for piano and tied notes play singularly


If you want each note played, you need to use slurs rather than ties. They look very similar but all slurred notes are played, even when they're the same pitch.

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I apparently don't understand the difference between continuous and singularly. To me, a native English speaker, you are asking for the same thing. The only other option I'm aware of is to play the note again like you get in slurs. If you don't want the disconnect between the repeated notes, then it's necessary to use the piano roll editor which is still experimental and rather unstable.

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Notes connected with a tie are basically one long note, as long as the addition of the 2 tied notes. Slurred notes are individual notes played closer to one another, legato. The legato effect is in MuseScore ie very minimal, if at all, so more of a hint to the musician as for playback, the tie though plays as such.

It is always best to attach your score when asking for help, so we can understand and assist better, but in this case, I think it is pretty safe to assume you are confusing ties and slurs, as others have said. So let me try to be as clear as possible:

Ties and slurs are two different things, even though they look similar. Almost certainly, you added a slur (using the Lines palette, or the shortcut "S") when you should have added a tie (from the note input toolbar, or the shortcut "+"). That is why the playback is not what you expect. Delete the slur and add a tie - then all will be well. And remember to use ties, not slurs, in the future (except of course in the places where you really want a slur).

Click below for my Quick Answer on how to enter ties:

Enter Ties
Enter Ties


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