How Do I change tempo in a composition?

• Nov 24, 2018 - 15:22

So I'm really new to Musescore and I've started my very first piece. I'm finding getting information very difficult and can't find the answer to some questions. Then again it's only the third time I've used this program.

How do I change the tempo in an entire piece once it's started?



There is the handbook answer already, but you can select one note that you want, and in view-master pallet-tempo, double click the tempo that you want, and then edit the tempo.

In general, the Handbook (Help / Online Handbook from within MuseScore, or Support / Handbook here) should always be the first place to look for answer about how to use MuseScore. Not sure where you tried looking instead, but the best way to find info is to go to the Handbook and use Ctrl+F to search for the relevant term - in this case, Tempo. That would have taken you directly there.

I'd like to thank everyone for their answers. I've been able to change my tempo and I thank you for that. Yes Marc you raise a good point. I did check in the Handbook and found the page for Tempo. I had set it when I first created the piece and looked all around to find a way to get back to it. I didn't read anything about double clicking on the element and the palette will change.

Again I'm very new to this with only an hour or two under my belt, so the questions are going to be newbie stuff.

Thanks again for your answers guys!

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