Cannot edit all barlines at once, and barlines missing from one staff

• Nov 23, 2018 - 00:20


Hello, I am arranging some of Grainger's Lincolnshire Posy for brass and everything was going fine while I was formatting and writing the percussion parts, but when I tried to insert a single-line snare staff the barlines dissappeared from the staff. All the other barlines on all other staffs were present, all of which were 5-line staffs and only when I put the snare part on the top of the percussion parts did the barlines disappear. I am able to have the barlines come back when I put the snare staff under the bass drum for example, but when I try to drag the barlines down to connect with eachother it only edits one individual barline instead of all of them like usual.

In short, my problem is the barlines of a staff dissappear and when they come back, it is only possible to edit them individually, not as a whole.
Thanks for your help!

Edit: I forgot to add that it only occurs on this individual score -everything functions fine on all my other scores, so maybe there's an option I'm missing? There are two invisible staffs "above" the area of problem so that may be the issue as well?


Was this by chance imported from MusicXML or some other format? Normally, when you change one barline, it changes them all, but it seems your brass barlines have all been set to "custom" span (as shown in the Inspector) and thus are independent. I think maybe the invisible staves (two F trumpets) are interfering somehow? Anyhow, I was able to solve the problem by right-clicking one brass barline, Select / All Similar Elements, then clicking the reset button next to the barline span preset in the Inspector. Now they all move together. Now go to Edit / Instruments, show the F trumpet parts for now, and then go back make your changes (moving the snare staff up, reconfiguring barlines, and everything should work fine. Then you can hide the F trumpet parts again.

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