Saving score with some instruments suppressed and multimeasure rests messes up score

• Jul 17, 2014 - 19:01
S4 - Minor

I create a score with two voices (soprano and bass). It has a block of measures where both voices rest. I choose to not display the soprano voice. I select option to create multimeasure rests. So far the score looks fine (see attached beforesave.pdf). Now if I save this file, close the score window, and re-open, the bass part is jumbled (attached aftersave.pdf). If I at this point ask for both soprano and bass lines to be visible, I see that both voices are jumbled, though in different ways.

Note if I save the mscz file without having first made a voice invisible, there is no problem.

I am attaching the mscz files before making soprano invisible and before multimeasure rests (test_multimeas_rest.mscz) and after doing these two steps (test_multimeas_rest_mm.mscz).

This all works fine in released MuseScore 1.3. Test results shown are with MuseScoreNightly-2014-07-16-2356-aaf966a, but I saw the same behavior in a nightly from 07-12, and I think also from 07-01.

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When you say you "chosteps should ose to not display the soprano voice", I assume you mean, you press "I" to displaying the instruments window, then uncheck the Visible setting? If so, then what do you mean when you say it works fine in 1.3 - it doesn't have that option?

Anyhow, the following steps do work to reproduce the problem in current development builds:

1) open attached score test_mutlimeas_rest,mscz
2) press "I" to display instruments dialog
3) uncheck Visibiltiy for the soprano staff
4) press "M" to turn on multimeasure rests
5) save
6) close
7) reload

You're right about musescore 1.3, I was mis-remembering -- I deleted the soprano voice in that case, and got the correct result, but that would work with the nightly a well. And yes you have it right, open instrument menu and uncheck the visible setting.