Changing Instruments Mid-Score

• Nov 20, 2018 - 03:52

I have one score containing multiple songs that I am currently working on and I have run into a problem. So far, I have one completed song with all of the instruments set as I want them. I want to change one of the instruments for the second song, but when I do, it changes it for both of them. Is there any way to isolate one of them and only change that one? I am using a vertical frame to separate the songs.


Two possibilities, depending on what exactly is going on. Either add a new staff for the new instrument and use "Style / General / Hide empty staves" so only the correct one shows, or use the Instrument Change element form the Text palette (see Handbook under "Mid-staff instrument changes").

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Well, yesterday I tried using the Instrument Change and it did change the instruments sound, but the name on the side still shows the original instrument and when I try to change that, it changes it for both songs. I've seen people have tons of songs on one score and they all have different sets of instruments, but I don't know how to do that.

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Marc, I have a smilar challenge - I have a big band score where Alto 1 doubles to clarinet for 16 measures, and later, Bari Sax doubles to flute for 16 measures. (The switch fits with players' capabilities). It appears I create parts - one where Alto Sax and clarinet are assigned together, and one where Bari sax and flute are assigned together. `is this correct? There are 4 measures of rest to facilitate the switch of instrument. Can I combine the two staves by hiding measures without destroying the 4 measures foe the switch? ie - persevere total length of the score?



Hi Jason,

why don't you just split or copy into several songs? This would eliminate unwanted interactions.

However, what is your motivation to have many in one?


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Well, it's going to be a medley or combination of many songs from the same movie, but the songs vary in what instruments they use, so that's why I want to change them mid-score. I've seen some scores on musescore where one song ends, there's a new title and a new song begins with different instruments. That's what I want to do, but can't figure out.

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