Give option for a single "current directory" for scores (and export) per score

• Nov 19, 2018 - 06:23

Currently MuseScore seems to keep track of current directories (working directories, current folders) separately for Open, for Save As, and for Export. (Change folder for Open, it doesn't affect Save, and so forth.)

For some styles of work, it would be nice to instead keep track of a score's single current directory for opening, saving, and exporting, and maintain that per tab during the MuseScore session. (The directory would default to the folder a score was read from, or the default score directory in Preferences for new, unsaved scores.) This would be analogous to multitabbed text editors like Notepad++.

(Would it be useful to give a choice for exported scores? e.g. a checkbox in preferences for "Each tab has its own current folder for Open and Save As", then a sub-checkbox "Current folder is also for Export".)


+1 for this suggestion
MuseScore's different defaults for different actions (Save As and Export) catches me out almost every time.

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