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• Nov 18, 2018 - 09:18
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Randon thoughts...

Assuming you wanted comment, I gave it a fair listening (4 actually), adjusting the mixer pan and the synth rev. and using surround headphones...

As with your other compositions here you seem to have a grasp of the classical-early romantic style. You are fluid in counterpoint and demonstrate a knowledge of structure.

As for this excerpt, I like the orchestration vis-a-vis the material...very Austro-German. (sehr gut!) the use of alto clef for 1st trombone reminds of Schumann*,etc, the menacing layered c-minor build up of Schubert.

I like the idea and the momentum you've created. The music has a purpose. When it first played it sounded more like a drop needle in the middle of the development - the tension began immediately, or perhaps the opening of a final movement. Not to say it wasn't appropriate for an opening, but in that case, when you DO get to a development you'll need all your skills to enhance the drama further. I realize this was an excerpt.

About the tempo/meter. This is something I've always struggled with myself. You've marked allegro quarter =144, yet I feel it in two. The material is rather "serioso", heavy in its demeanor as opposed to the lighter touch of a Mendelssohnian presto. This is purely subjective, I realize, but worth a thought.

FWIW - I liked it and am curious about its future. You do not seem shy about sharing WIPs. Good for you! In that case I hope feedback and encouragement along the way you've receive has been helpful.
As for your mentioning on .com that you cannot always finish things, there are two things to consider, if I may. As your ideas are solid ones, it may be a good idea to force discipline upon yourself to focus on completing somethings WHEN a performance is likely or possible. On the hand I've seen from experience its always good to keep writing down ideas and returning to them later when inspiration returns or when your skills are enhanced further (you'll know when). You've said "School" is in the way. Trust me. In life there is always SOMETHING in the way. Leonard Bernstein once said that there are two ingredients neccessary for a good composition: 1) a good idea 2) not quite enough time

I know I said a mouthful. I hope it helps.

  • that wonderful (to me, terrifying) high D in bar 13.

PV composer, former trombonist

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Yeah, you actually kinda read my mind there. This is something I was thinking to put somewhere in the middle, like in a development section. I'm just not sure how to start it. I don't know how to properly build up tension in a way that makes sense ie. without sounding too bland or too dramatic.

Also, I make these WIP's just for fun. There is no money involved and no one is planning to perform my music, although I'd like to finish some of my piano pieces and play them.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to finish at least something, even if it takes years.

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This is just an idea that popped up in my head. It sounds like it could work for a development section, but I'm not really sure how this is gonna turn out if I actually complete it.

I didn't throw a dice. I would've been able to finish all my unfinished pieces if making music was that easy lol.

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