How to enter text like marc. legato etc much like dynamics?

• Nov 17, 2018 - 13:52

I'm trying to add text like "marc." or "legato" to a piano score, but I can't find the right tool for it.

In my opinion - but I don't know engraving rules - it should be placed aligned to the middle of dynamics such as "mp" and "f", smaller in size and with a non-bold and italics style. Plus, if it happens on the same note where a "proper" dynamic happens (such as "f"), they should be equally displaced horizontally, one to the left and the other to the right, so there's visual clue that both refer to the same note.

Staff text is placed right above the staff upper line, so I need to manually move and it'll hardly be in the correct position. There are other dynamics such as "r", "m", "n" that which purpose I don't know, but if I reduce their size they're not middle aligned with other dynamics.

If the same should be placed in a single staff score, I think staff text renders it properly.

Is there a specific palette tool that I'm missing?


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If you want p to have not effect, then enter another dynamic like fp, and edit it so it says p. I missed this as a dynamic that does not affect playback. To add a letter to a dynamic press ctrl+alt+ the letter and it will be added to the dynamic using dynamics rather than letters. I don't know if this will work on keyboards with alt gr though. You may have to use F2 to add dynamic letters (r, z, s, m, f, p) and I may have forgotten one. You can use this same process to create an sfz that plays with a velocity of 112 by adding s & z to the f dynamic, though I think changing the velocity of sfz is easier, and it does stick.

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