"Transpose chromatically" is not working

• Nov 16, 2018 - 07:47


When I click on Notes/Transpose, the proper window comes up but although I can sheck the box for Transpose Chromatically, its subset of choices (By Key, Closest, Up, Down) stay gray, will not become active. "By Interval" also gets checked at the same time, and its choices are not grayed out, they are active. If I check to transpose diatonically, it unchecks the two choices above and its choices become functional, are no longer gray. In none of the choices, though, will the Option of "Transpose chord symbols" become active. So, I cannot get the chords symbols to transpose and I cannot transpose chromatically. This has worked fine in the past, incidentally.

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For the record, if nothing is selected, then it does a Ctrl+A for you, but if anything else is selected (a single note, a range of measures, or even a random element like a fermata) then the command will try to operate on that. Depending on what is selected, some of the options won't make sense, so they get greyed out.

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