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• Nov 16, 2018 - 07:32

I don't seem to be able to create a new palette. I do the following:
Edit --> Workspaces --> New, I give a name to the new palette, e.g. "2".
It gets shown in a rectangle under the preset palettes, as shown in the attached printscreen.
I "Shift+Cntrl+drag a palette symbol (e.g. a dynamic)" onto the custom palette, but nothing happens.
I right-click on the palette to select "Enable Editing", but nothing happens.

If you please, what am I doing wrong?

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What do you mean by "palette being open"?
Underneath "Palettes", where you have selected ("Test"), I have selected palette "2". I was expecting that by creating and selecting it, it would appear on my screen, but it didn't. I have Dynamics open, I drag a symbol onto "2", and nothing happens.
What am I missing? Is there a way to "open" this custom palette and then drag symbols in it ?
And what is this "+/-f" in your Dynamics palette?
Thank you for your concern.

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If you were viewing the basic palette when you created "2" the palettes default to not being able to Enable Editing. Right click the title of the palette (like Dynamics) and make sure there is a check next to Enable Editing. BTW, if you are viewing the Advanced palette the palettes default to Enable Editing.

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Hello mike320!
I'm using the Advanced Palette, and Enable Editing is checked in all the palettes.
I repeat: When I created a palette, I expected e.g. to simply see it floating on my screen, ready to receive "drag-and-drop" symbols from the in-built palettes.
Instead, all I see is a frame under the "Palettes" (lower left on the screen), like you see in the printscreen I attached on my November 16 post.
Is this what should have happened?
What are the steps you yourself are taking to create a new palette and fill it with symbols ?
Maybe if you describe the steps, I can find my way through.
Thank you very much.

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palette being open: a click on the title bar (eg. dynamics), as in the image above;
'Test' and '2' are the names of the workspace the palettes are his subsets;
Press and hold Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Cmd+Shift), then drag the symbol onto the (2->dynamics) palette.…
+/-f only an extemporary example, something like: more or less forte


A workspace is not a palette, it's a place to put palettes. You created a workspace but according to your image you have no actually added any palettes to it beyond the default ones that are there. You can certain add elements to the default ones, though, if you make sure they are set to enable editing, and of course you need to open them first (they are all closed right now, or you'd see their contents).

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