Hidden Percussion sounds

• Nov 15, 2018 - 13:44

There are these percussion sound, they're the lowest E flat, E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp A and A sharp. They sound quite nice but I can't find the instruments for them so now I have to make the notes on na pitched instrument and copy and paste it on the drumset. It's quite annoying to do that so I'm wondering if someone could tell me what the instruments are if you know them.


I'm guessing no one has yet responded because they are as stumped as I am. What sounds? Can you send them so we can hear? If not, describe them more accurately. Drums? Skins? Metal? Mallets?
With more info I'm sure someone will help.

To avoid confusion, we should probably speak in note numbers.
By my count, you are referring to notes # 27 - 34, correct?

I opened the MuseScore soundfont in Polyphone.

Most drum kits have the following sounds on these notes:
HighQ, Slap, Scratch Push, Scratch Pull, Sticks, Square Click, Metronome Click, Metronome Bell

The Orchestra kit has these sounds instead:
HiHat Closed, HiHat Foot, HiHat Half-Open, Ride1, Sticks, Metronome Click, Metronome Bell, Square Click

MuseScore does not use / map all of GM's drums by default, but if you know the note number you can customize your drum map yourself to get them more easily.

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