How to respond to a topic on a forum? "Reply" doesn't work

• Nov 14, 2018 - 23:57

I found a forum thread relevant to a problem I'm having, but when I click on "reply", after logging in, I'm just taken to a page which lists my previous posts (on unrelated topics). How do I actually respond to someone else's post? (Seems like this used to work; maybe a bug in the forum software now?)


Odd, reply worked for me. Can you attach a link to the thread with a problem, just copy what's in the address bar and tell which post you are trying to respond to. To specify the post say something like "Bill's fifth post" the date and time of response is based upon your system settings and may be different than someone else's.

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This website is not connected to which version of MuseScore is loaded on your computer. I have about 5, other people have literally hundreds of versions on their computer (Cadiz1 comes to mind quickly).

The Reply indents your reply as long as the maximum number of indentations has not been used. If they have, it is lined up with the post you are replying to. All replies to the same post are listed in the order that they are entered (basically) like an outline. It gives the impression that you have responded to the wrong person in spite of which reply you pressed. Because of this, you will occasionally see someone say something along the lines of "This is getting confusing, I'm starting a new thread." They will post links between the two discussions and quote the person they are answering.

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