"Preparing to install" error...

• Nov 12, 2018 - 23:46

I used Musescore for about two years with no problems, then some months ago, when I started Musescore, a Windows Installer message appeared. It says "Preparing to install" and stays still for about two hours. I must pass by the task manager to end the process. It appears everytime I try to use the software.

I found a discussion where people talk about "Fall Creators" Windows Update and Yamaha Sound Card Driver, but I have no Yamaha Sound Card and no Windows Update with that name (or its correspective code). I tried multiple times to uninstall the software and reinstall, both earlier versions and Alpha version, but it doesn't change. At the moment I have no Musescore version installed. If the problem has already been discussed and resolved by someone else, please, post the link to the topic in the comments, because I haven't been able to find it.
OS: Windows 10

I will appreciate every help, and I apologize for my bad English. Thank you!


To check whether you have that "Fall Creators" update, click on that magnifying glass and type 'winver', it'll tell you exactly what version of Windows 10 you're running (Version 1709 here, I know that is 2 versions back)

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I just did it, but nothing changed. Musescore actually is in the "Programs and Features" list. I selected the repair option, and it did a short process. It said me "preparing to install" and it has gone away by itself, but now, if I try to open the program, it shows the same error as before.

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