Delete Measures Deleted!

• Nov 10, 2018 - 16:24

Oddly, the new version of Musescore (alpha) seems to lack the ability to simply delete measures! This is a real show-stopper. The option used to be (if I remember correctly) in the Edit menu, but now it's gone :s And there seems to be no other way to delete measures... Edit/Delete only clears the content of the selected measure(s)- it doesn't actually delete the measure(s). Cut doesn't work either.

"Delete Measures" isn't where one might expect it: next to Add/Measures/insert. My suggestion would be to change the Add menu to Add/Delete and put it in there.

I'm using it on MacOS 10.12.6, and have never had any issues with Musescore before, but suddenly Musescore 2 stopped working for me, hence I tried alpha. looks good so far, but yeah... without "delete measures," it's pretty useless for editing and presentation :(



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In the previous version CTRL + DEL allowed me to delete bars. In the current version, I no longer have that ability. It is frustrating. I've reached out to MUSESCORE and they've acknowledged receipt of my request for support but thus far have not provided me with anything. Are there any other work arounds other than CTRL + DEL to remove superfluous bars?

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As said else-thread: Ctrl+Del still works and the same as aver before, only that now you can even use on partial measures.

I've reached out to MUSESCORE and they've acknowledged receipt of my request for support

You have what?? There is no support (for the MuseScore program), other than here in the forum

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I see this thread from several years ago. I am new to Musecore, working on a Windows 10 platform. I need to remove an empty measure. I followed your advice and tried deleting with Ctl+Del - which is the combo one would intuitively expect. You commented that "it still does" delete measures, but when I did this nothing at all happened. I explored the pull-down menus at the top, too, but find nothing to help there, either. (I agree with the suggestion of changing the "Add" link at the top to "Add/Delete." ) I'm stuck now! What do I do?

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There’s a known bug where if you accidentally hit the shortcut Ctrl+I (Cmd+I on macOS) anywhere other than while editing text, it places you in a weird undocumented mode that does nothing of value but has the side effect of disabling the “remove selected range” command. Serious. Try pressing that shortcut again and it may fix it. Or restart MuseScore.

cmd+del should still delete measures on a Mac.

I agree, removing this from the menus but keeping the insert options there does not make sense.

FWIW, if you are limiting yourself to only the commands you can find in the menus, you're missing quite a lot of the functionality of MuseScore. Quite a few things are only available via keyboard shortcut or other means (Palette, Inspector, a setting in a dialog, etc). One very obvious example is entering a rest, which is most easily done with the keyboard shortcut "0", but then there are also all the commands to transpose notes up or down (Up/Down keys, also with Ctrl or with Alt+Shift), to navigate within the score, etc. Definitely worth spending some time with the documentation to learn more about what is available. This applies to both MuseScore 2 and the development builds of what will eventually become MuseScore 3.

Just a note that since MuseScore 3 is still not released yet, I concur with the advice to focus on getting MsueScore 2 working rather than relying on these development builds of MuseScore 3 completely. If revert to factory settings didn't work, you could try uninstall/reinstall, also check the Handbook under "Known incompatibilities".

Pour les Français :
Musescore a supprimé la possibilité de supprimer des mesures !
Ca fait à peine 10 mn que j'utilise la version 3, et j'ai bien envie de retourner à la version 2 ...
Alors, grâce aux commentaires j'ai trouvé une ruse, il faut aller dans l'onglet "Outil" et cliquer sur "Supprimer les mesures restantes", mais ça ne marche que pour les mesures en trop à la fin du morceau.

Est-ce que c'est un bugg ?
Ou y a-t-il une rationalité qui m'échappe ?

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Non ce n'est pas supprimé, la fonctionnalité existe toujours et est étendue, on peut aussi supprimer des parties de mesures maintenant.
-Le shortcut est toujours le même "ctrl <-del"
-Le nom de l'action est changé (Timewise delete) et cela se trouve dans un autre menu
Vu les nombreuses questions ils ont compris que le nouveau nom est pourri et cherchent un nom correct, changer de menu n'a pas aidé non plus.

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