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• Nov 10, 2018 - 14:09
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Using the Barbershop Template (which I am very pleased and grateful for), although I can allocate a separate voice number to the 4 parts the mixer only shows two one for each of the treble and the bass clefs. The notation produced is a perfect match for a barbershop chorus and quartet activity. The problem is that I need to to be able to produce cd tracks using the mixer or some other method to provide for example a dominant 'Lead' or tenor or bari or bass track which whilst bringing the part into the foreground with a higher volume still contains a mix of the other parts at a lower volume. This is a big help to people in learning their part in context with the arrangement. Since the barbershop template is a relatively recent addition it may be that this important feature is already in hand. if there is already a way to achieve this please advise
Thank you all for this brilliant piece of Software Musescore

Eric Hargreaves


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In using the barbershop template I need to be able to produce cds for the separate four parts. The current barbershop template allows four separate numbered voices to be used but only shows two parts in the mixer. The template produces a score that is a perfect match to barbershop quartet and chorus requirements.
The problem is that we need to be able to produce separate cd practice tracks for each part and that is not possible with the current implementation.
Normally in barbershop cd tracks are produced to give predominance to a part whilst still maintaining the other parts at a lower volume level in the background. This is extremely useful as a learning aid and is used by barbershop clubs all over the world. If this is already available in some way please advise.
Thank you asnd many thanks for this brilliant software Musescore
Eric Hargreaves

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You repeat yourself... take my template and you'd have 4 channels in Mixer, 2 for each staff.

This isn't a bug, making more channels available is a feature request, or suggestion. And there is a workaround in the form of my template (and staff text to do the channel assignments, similar to violin pizzicato).

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Also in 3.0 it is possible to mute voices not just parts, so this sound production based on voices should be possible there already out of the box. Maybe you want to give 3.0 Beta 2 a try?

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You are right I repeat myself. I thought I had lost my request. To me save meant save a record somewhere I could find it so when it came back with a blank panel and complained at me i decided to reenter the detail. I am back on the trail now and will be trying your suggestions. Watch this space

Thank you very much,
In musescore.com this template make MuseScore Audio playing just one voice.
EDIT : No, my bad, i haven't see i had saved with Solo "on" on one voice (something to care off :) )

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I recently joined a local village choir and found musescore really useful to me in trying to catch up by putting short passages into musescore. For example in Mama Mia there is a bit where the men have to sing a long sequence of 'take a chance take a chance take a take a chance chance ........etc.' once input and output to a cd it was easier to get it into my head in context with the other parts. Its a small SAB choir and I have been in a SATB choir before where the musical director used musescore in a similar way to you.
Being able to produce Teach-tracks is much more essential in barbershop especially in attempting own arrangements. As you will know in Barbershop there is no instrument accompaniment, you perform without reference to the sheet music and you are expected to learn your part at home in advance of rehearsals. I am experimenting with inputting all the parts into musescore then having an expert from each part record their individual vocal track using the musescore track to synchronize the timing.
We can with your template at the same time include the other parts with those other parts played at reduced volume. Further with your template modification (four voice Barbershop) we can produce the sheet music in the well understood Barbershop format. Previously we used the SATB template.
Nothings perfect though as barbershop doesn't use tempered intonation, I think that's the phrase, it uses the older 'Just' intonation. With today's electronic technology I wonder if we may be able to go back to that some day.
Anyway thanks once again.
Tell me, do I have to sign this off in some way.

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JoJo: I've been having a problem with the Barbershop template. As soon as I start entering the bari part (Voice 3), MuseScore automatically enters a whole rest next to it. When I click on it, I see that it is a Voice 1 rest so I can't delete it. I can make it invisible, but doing it for every measure is exhausting. Any idea why this is happening? It's been happening for me ever since MuseScore came out with the Barbershop template last fall. Thanks.

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