One drum staff reproduced by two differents SF2.

• Nov 4, 2018 - 17:29


In the drum staff, is it possible that different notes (instruments) be reproduced (played) by two different sf2?

The motive for this is that I have a drum SF2 that I like a lot the bass drum, snare and hihat, and I have another drum SF2 that I like a lot the toms, ride and cymbals. In this way, using only the sounds I like from both SF2 I would get the perfect drum!

It would be ideal that some notes (bass drum, snare, etc.) from the drum staff were played by one SF2 and other notes (toms, ride, etc.) from the same staff were played by the other SF2.

Obviously with the editing of the drum map.

This would be great!

Is it possible?

(Excuse my poor English)


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