Moving chord symbols

• Nov 4, 2018 - 16:47

If someone has posted a similar question already, I apologise.

I've written a vocal/piano score where I accidentally put the chord symbols above the piano staff, instead of above the voice staff, where they (at least in my opinion) should be. Is there any way I can reposition them without too much hassle? Selecting all chord symbols through the contextual menu and dragging them is not going to help, as the distance between the staves is not consistent throughout the entire score (because of lyrics taking up space between certain staves). I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm still fairly new to MuseScore, so I have yet to learn all the neat features this software has to offer :)


There is an advantage in having the Chord symbols attached to the Piano Staff rather than the Vocal staff. If there are instrument only sections where neither the words nor the vocal notes are necessary then hiding empty staves saves a lot of visual and paper real estate. If however the Chord symbols are attached to a vocal staff that staff will not be hidden as it is not completely empty. I admit that is seems visually less distracting not to have the Chord symbols enmeshed between the last line of lyrics and the top of the piano staff but as a single voice cannot sing a chord it seems to make more sense logically to have the Chord attached to the instrument/piano staff especially as the chord, if played through midi along with the instrument, should more closely align with what is happening there rather than what might be being articulated by a vocalist. A solution to both would be to put the vocal parts below the piano staff but this would seem to be a little unconventional from the generally accepted aesthetics.

Your basic request can be done with a cut-paste or a copy- paste. The trick is to select the chord symbols.
For example:
1. Right-click on one of the chord symbols you want to cut or copy. A pop-up menu includes "select"; click on select. You will get one to three options:
- Similar (in score),
- Similar in staff,
- Similar in this range.
2. Click the desired option. The selected chord symbols will be highlighted.
3. Cut (e.g., ^X) or copy (e.g., ^C) the selection.
4. Select the note or rest above which the first chord symbol should be (doesn't matter which chord symbol was selected in #1).
5. Paste (e.g., ^V).

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