Custom ornament -- possible/best way?

• Nov 4, 2018 - 14:37

The piece I'm working on contains a number of trill signs with parentheses around them to show that they are editorial. I could enter the tr sign and then use the text tool to put parentheses on either side, but it would be nicer to take the existing sign, add the parentheses, and save it as a custom ornament in the ornaments palette. If that's not possible, I could add parens as text once, take a screenshot and save it, and store the little graphic on the palette. But I've read the handbook and it doesn't seem like it is possible to customize the ornaments palette. I'd appreciate any advice.


If your goal is to allow for playback of the trill, you cannot do it the way you want. If playback is not an issue, the the picture will work fine.

If proper playback is the goal, you need to put a parentheses item that is formatted properly to fit around the tr in the palette. You will then have to apply both the tr and the parentheses to the note to make it look right. It's likely that you will need to adjust the parentheses when you enter it.

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Thanks, Mike. Playback is not an issue, but your comment helps me understand better what's going on. (I'm fairly new to MuseScore.) I'm guessing that one can't customize the ornaments palette because MuseScore wouldn't know how to play ornaments that aren't built in.

If I create either a text object of two spaced-out parentheses or a graphic of the same, is there a convenient place to store it for easy application after I put in the trill symbol?

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Create a custom workspace. These palettes can be edited by the user. You can add and delete palettes and palette items to your hearts content. When you create a custom workspace, it's based upon the workspace you are currently viewing, so I normally suggest that you base it upon the advanced workspace since I thinks it's easier to delete unneeded items than to add predefined items you use.

I run into editorial ornaments all the time in Bach. Text parentheses work fine, and once entered can then be copied and pasted. However, if you are hiding or unhiding instruments they may move around on the page, so check them before you upload.
It would be nice if there were a parentheses tool for ornaments, as there is for accidentals

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