Using Musescore to transpose Bari Sax and tuba parts?

• Oct 31, 2018 - 02:54

I am transposing my Bari Sax parts from my Tuba parts.....easy to do in my head, but I need both parts to print out. Is there a way to put one part on the page and then transpose it without having to put all the rhythms and notes out again? Would save a lot of time if I could do this. The notes and rhythms are the same, just gonna change the key signature and the clef.


Create a score with both instruments (or add the other to an existing score). Put the notes and rhythms into one then copy them to the other. If the concert pitch button is not pressed, you will see the automatic transposition. You will know the concert pitch button is not pressed if the two instruments have different key signatures by default.

I wish I had MuseScore almost 40 years ago when I was playing Bari Sax from Tuba music in High School. I had to use a pen and write accidentals, or transpose on the fly, to make sure I didn't play a wrong note.

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Thanks so much for the help!
I have been using MuseScore for only a short time and not really familiar with all it's options. I am re writing the old faded music used by a small town band and thought I had to write each part. I had never ventured into the use of the SCORE. This is working far better and faster than each part one at a time. I will have to find the print option, but that has to be easy enough.....most of my help has come from the website's FAQ. Thanks again for taking the time to help!

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Ditto for wishing that MS was around, but what would we have run it on? When I taught myself to transpose (age 9?), the 8008 microprocessor had just been lauched and IBM announced a storage device with a whopping 236GB capacity that was 20 feet long.

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