Musescore for Android tablet and Iphone

• Oct 20, 2018 - 13:57

Good morning
I have been using Musescore for some time now on my computer using Windows 10. For explaining the functioning on other choirs members, I would like to use my iPhone or Android tablet.
Is it possible download Musescore to one of the above mentioned devices?

Thanks in advance


I've been using MuseScore on my laptop for a couple years, love it.
I also downloaded the app but I'm old and can't seem to figure out how to use it. Not important.

My question is this:
I've created some examples for students that are part of an Amazon product and I wonder how to make them available for people to use on their phones ... ? Can they just be in a zip folder they'd download from my site? Or do I need to put them 'in the cloud' ? Or ... ?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Very good, thank you sir!

I'll probably do the 'moderated group with unlisted scores' - it will be a couple weeks at least before I have the whole package ready to go so I have time to check into that.

And I'll also be recommending that any customers make a contribution to MuseScore - great program and the support is stellar.


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