Import/Converted PDF files are corrupted

• Oct 19, 2018 - 20:19

How do we make our pdf files compatible with this converter MuseScore has created? I get the file, it says its corrupted upon trying to open it but I ignore those errors and open the document anyway. Then it's there as MuseScore file, but there are more errors than i want to deal with correcting. Has anyone noticed a difference with different browsers? What else can we do so this feature actually works more effectively? Has anyone experienced at least decent success with it?



Best results are obtained with gray level images and a resolution around 300 DPI.
if your PDF file isn’t compatible to the converter. This could be due to various reasons such as the quality of the pdf, the complexity of the score or various other reasons.
Try to attach your PDF here and someone will have a look at it

FWIW< MuseScore hasn't created this converted; it's a totally separate program called Audiveris. As you find problems, feel free to report to them. MuseScore provides only a web service to help you use this program without the need to install it. Different browsers won't help, and assuming you get anything at all out of it, probably there isn't anything else you can do to improve the results. The simpler the music, the better the chance of success. The reality is, in many cases it will indeed be easier to enter the music yourself, but it's always worth a shot at least.

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