Versioning/ Collaboration feature

• Oct 14, 2018 - 13:36

Hello everybody,

I'm just sketching a simple draft of my idea for discussion.
Because I started coding, I discovered the advantages of a versioning system like git which also makes it also easier to collaborate.
What do you think about this?



Fits nicely with a recent GSoC project, for which a 1st part (to simplify/minimize the diffs) has been merged into master already, with a 2nd part, (a GUI to view the diffs) still in the works,

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I have followed the score diff project, and although it is not capable of such a versioning system yet, I raised the question of such a development with the programmer. He was definitely thinking of such a version control system as MS Word's "track changes" as an extension in the future. The existing project lays the groundwork for such a future development.

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Thanks! I'm a PHP developer and I don't know much about C++ but I would really like to contribute.
Why Telegram and not Slack? Slack would be much more suitable for the community needs.

By the way, is there some code already implemented that you could point me out? I read the idea was also to have a diff checker which could detect changes between two files.

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Telegram is where the people who run MuseScore chose to put the chat, I'm sure they did some research before they chose that one. The main thing was spam control. Spam was out of control on their previous platform.

As for the code, I'm not really a programmer. There are others who are familiar with the code and the quickest way to get answers is on Telegram.

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