Can i write a single melody across 2 staves?

• Oct 12, 2018 - 21:22

Hi, I got this marimba part, I'm not sure it's an actual melody but still there is only one voice, Still I think it's better to use both the violin and bass clef because the melody has a pretty wide range
. Is there any way to use both clefs for one voice? Like merging them but still being able to use them both for clarity (like I said, It wouldn't fit nice in one single clef, mainly because there are many leaps)


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ok thank you. It's a little too manual but still a solution. Do you think that doing something like this is legit on paper? Maybe it's not allowed because it's technically wrong. I'd want to be sure because I'm going to attach this composition to my portfolio for college applications after it's done

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If you are making it a PDF that is viewed only, it doesn't matter how you enter it into the program as long as it looks good. If you are attaching the MuseScore or MusicXML file then you need to put the notes on their own staves. I don't blame you for wanting to make it easier to enter.

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Yes it would only be a PDF. You think cross-staving like I did here and deleting the rests in the upper clef is technically wrong? Like if I'm going to submit it as college application portfolio, it's advisable to input the notes in 2 separate clefs even if it logically doesn't make much sense? (It'd look a tad more messy)

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The more I think about it the more I'm not sure. I'm not a percussionist so I don't know if Cross-staff notation is ever used for a marimba. If it is used in this way, then make the rests invisible and it will be good. This would be very acceptable on a harp but less so on a piano (due to the missing rests), but different instruments have different expectations.

As I said, I'm not a percussionist, but I've seen single staff marimba music. Putting this on a single staff with ledger lines is not out of the question. I know you don't like the idea, but in your excerpt the number of ledger lines would not be more than is seen in violin music and the jumps are irrelevant.

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