How count notes in score?

• Oct 12, 2018 - 18:59

version 2.3.2
I would like to know how many notes in my score, but can't find it in properties or menus. I see a feature request for this from 2009 with no reponse
Is it possible?


If this is just to find out for one particular score, I'd suggest opening the MSCZ file in a ZIP program, opening the MSCX file within in a text editor (or, save as MSCX from MuseScore) and doing a search on "/note". The number of hits will be the number of notes. Or, if you'd rather count chords as one note, search for "/chord".

BTW, if your favorite editor doesn't tell you how many hits, you could try loading into Chrome and doing the search there - that definitely will tell you the number of hits.

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