pentagram writing

• Oct 8, 2018 - 14:12

For my study I transcribe some exercises from a guitar method in Musescore; this allows me to practice listening and changing time.
The writing of the method (file example n.9.pdf) presents 4 groups of 1/8 notes joined by beam, while transcribing in Musescore (file example n.9.mscz) I get 2 groups of 4 1/8 notes joined by beam).
can I get in Musescore the first type of writing with 4 groups of 2 1/8 notes, in this case you will kindly indicate it?
Thank you so much for your reply

E. Verza

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esempio_n.9.mscz 5.18 KB
esempio n.9.pdf 65.12 KB

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